Grok Programming
grok, verb - to understand profoundly and intuitively


I offer online tutoring in programming, and math up to college algebra. Tutoring available in person, in Albany, Oregon; see below for more details.

Here's a sample of me explaining some basics of pointers in C++
(check out the playlist for more videos):

I'm knowledgeable in many programming languages, including Java, Python, C and its variants, JavaScript (plus HTML/CSS), and others. I have experience as an app developer as well as a university-level tutor.

I'm fluent with CS topics such as data types and structures, object-oriented programming, functional programming, and algorithm design.

Most importantly, I am patient and focused on developing understanding (not just memorizing steps!). I have practice seeing problems from the student's perspective, and allowing them to guide their learning.

I offer tutoring via video conference (such as Skype or zoom), and in person in the Albany area, $30 an hour. Discounted group-rate tutoring sessions take place in Corvallis by arrangement.

David, the tutor My name is David Newberry. I'm a 35 year old man; interested in math and programming most of my life. I received a bachelor's degree in Literature from UC Santa Cruz. Since then, I have been teaching and tutoring math and programming.

I'm a life-long developer and lover of coding. See my porfolio, including e.g. my mobile game Space Wyrm in the App Store and Google Play).